Tuscan recipes

Historical Recipes

Those who think that one eats to live, do not understand how important conviviality was in Italian history, and particularly in Tuscan tradition. To dish as well as to service was given great attention, because a nice plate might turn an enemy into a friend. For example, it was of great importance the lunch organized on January 28th in 1077, by Countess of Canossa, who invited Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry: the relationships between them were tense. But surprisingly the pot offered to the two enemies brought peace between the Papacy and the Empire. Here is the biancomangiare recipe, a refined cream of rice flour, rose water and milk, enriched with almonds inside, sugar and bits of chilled and fried chicken.

To make you feel like an Emperor or a Pope.

Modern version of the biancomangiare dessert. Ingredients:1 lit. of cow’s milk (or almond or rice milk), 250 grams of caster sugar, 100 grams of corn starch, 1 cinnamon stick.To decorate:cinnamon powder, chopped pistachios, sliced almonds.

Sift the starch in a pot with sugar; add milk little by little always whisking to avoid clotting. Add cinnamon stick and place the pot on the stove, at low heat always whisking. Cook for a few minutes almost to boiling point, thus obtaining a dense cream. Remove cinnamon stick; pour in small cups and let it cool down. Then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. When the biancomangiare will be well dense, turn it over a serving dish and sprinkle it with cinnamon powder, a pinch of pistachios and almonds.