La Pecora Vera: the Real Sheep

A medium-matured pecorino of small size. The production technique and the recipe have remained unchanged throughout the years; the same goes for the treatment of the rind with olive oil grounds giving its characteristic brown colour. La Mini Pecora Vera, once a typical local product, is also becoming increasingly appreciated abroad. We suggest you order it in time for Christmas holidays!

Il Cacino Rosso: the Red Cacino

A small size pecorino, Il Cacino Rosso differs from the simple Cacino because of the rind treatment with tomato paste and extra virgin olive oil, that gives the product its typical red colour. Since it is made only with ewe’s milk, remember to make your orders in advance in autumn and before Christmas.

Fresco Sapore di Pura Pecora: Fresh Taste of Pure Sheep

Fresco Sapore di Pura Pecora is a table cheese with a firm texture and small in size. The rind is smooth and yellow, Its colour varying according to the ripening.
lts small size ensures that it is widely used, especially during  Christmas time for Christmas hampers.