Pancotto o pappa al pomodoro: The Pancotto or Tomato Soup

Together with Panzanella, Pancotto is another example of the poor Tuscan cuisine, which in the past experienced great poverty, and today can still offer tasty soups which, viewed altogether, do not present many differences between themselves: all of them, in fact, make use of stalebread and vegetables.
This dish will be appreciated by everyone, it may be called “the ancestor of Pizza”, when many years ago mozzarella did not exist yet.
Ingredients: 500 gr. ripe tomatoes, 350 gr. stalebread, 1 lit. broth, 10 basil leaves, 1 egg, 2 olive oil spoons, salt and pepper.
Chop the tomatoes, and peel them before cooking in the olive oil, together with basil, salt and pepper as you wish for 10 minutes. Pour the broth and the sliced stalebread. Boil it for 15 minutes and then keep off. If appreciated, add a whisked egg, mixing quickly.

Pappa al Pomodoro