Olives of Cerignola italian

The search for traditional Italian specialties finds its expression in the Bella of Cerignola. Olive of great size full of taste, ideal to be enjoyed accompanying aperitifs.


Properties and benefits of fresh olives

Regardless of its color, the olive brings with its properties a great support to the biophysical balance of the person. Excellent in its anti-inflammatory function, its characteristics make it a product widely recommended to anyone who feels burdened and needs to regenerate his body. Studies conducted on its principles show that its daily intake can make an increase in the deposit of calcium in the bone and invigorate the immune system.

olives of cerignola italian food delicatessen

The hydroxytyrosol among its principles is also an agent able to prevent endothelial dysfunctions responsible for thrombosis and vasoconstriction. Great allies against problems related to the cardiovascular system, they act against the increase in blood pressure thanks to the monounsaturated fats present in their composition. Being rich in vitamin E, selenium and zinc, its action finally has a positive effect on both the muscular and nervous system.