Mille Fiori Honey raw

The mille fiori honey, as the name implies, is a honey produced by many types of flowers, it is one of the most common and most widespread and has a delicate flavor. Excellent for those who must energize and purify the body, has a stimulating and regulating function.

Properties and characteristics of millefiori honey raw

Properties and characteristics of millefiori honey
The nutritive principles contained in millefiori honey are greater than other honeys, as they are rich in pollens of different origins. In fact, it contains many minerals and antioxidants.It is an excellent honey for children and for those who are growing. Pregnant women are benefited by the nutritional intake, as well as those who are recovering and the elderly, as it reinforces and increases physical energy.Effective adjutant in the treatment of flu states, helps to calm cough and lung diseases, being also a good natural antibacterial. The millefiori honey stimulates the intestine and the digestive system, as it is particularly appreciated for the purification of the liver and to improve circulation.Used externally it is excellent for nourishing skin and hair, it favors the cicatrizzazione of burns and wounds and is therefore an excellent ingredient for natural masks and packs.

Use in the kitchen of millefiori honey

mille fiori honey ,raw honey italian kitchen millefiori honey   You can use it in different ways in the kitchen: try a teaspoon of millefiori in coffee or milk, on toasted bread, but also in natural yogurt.  You can also use it on ice cream, infruit salads and to prepare cookies and cakes.

Excellent with cheese, it becomes an unmissable presentation for salads: try for example a mix of raw fennel, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, oranges, black olives, topped with a teaspoon of millefiori honey, rose and extra virgin olive oil. A curative purpose is recommended to dissolve two or three tablespoons a day in a glass of warm water.