Italian Coffee

Kenon Coffee

Two blends for real connoisseurs: the 100% Arabic, particularly aromatic, with a persistent taste and smooth and velvety aroma, and the Special Quality a well-balanced blend with a strong and rich taste, with a thick and inviting cream. An excellent coffee for every moment of the day, unmatchable in leaving an intense pleasure sensation.

100% Arabic | 250 gr.

It contains 100% pure arabic quality ground coffee. It’s an aromatic coffee, with a smooth and pleasant taste and a low caffeine content.


Kenon Special Quality

Rich and aromatic taste, it contains a 100% pure coffee mainly from Brazil. It has a low caffeine content, with an approximate value of no more than 1,7%

Special quality 250 g
The Kenon facility is structured with innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies to provide the market with a unique product. Our coffee roasting process yield an absolutely excellently tasting end product without the use of preservatives and dyes, also avoiding “stress” the crude product so as to preserve the original characteristics.

Kenon Coffee  Bar 1 kg Crema Bar

Carefully selected, roasted and expertly blended, these coffee beans give an excellent creaminess and body over an intense and decisive flavor typical of the best Neapolitan tradition.

Discover the BEST SOLUTION

Coffee blend with prevailing percentage of Arabica, a lot full-bodied, strong taste and compact cream.