Honey  properties:  benefits of raw honey 

The best known properties of raw honey are the antibacterial ones; but many studies confirm it also a true superfood that provides a multitude of benefits at a therapeutic and nutritional level. Some notes are honeydew, dark honey, or eucalyptus honey have received more attention to the special benefits, derived from their antioxidant properties.

Quality honey distinguishes itself from other sources of sugars due to the presence of vitamins B (B1, B2 and B6) necessary at the cellular level in the energetic metabolism of carbohydrates. In the case of sporting activities, honey rich in minerals such as honeydew or dark millefiori are an excellent source of carbohydrates for athletes before, during and after endurance training. A valid natural alternative to classic energy drinks.


Honey beneficial properties for the stomach

Honey protective effects have been noted in the treatment of gastrointestinal infections such as gastritis, duodenitis and gastric ulcer caused by bacteria and rotavirus. Helps to repair damaged intestinal mucosa, stimulates the growth of new tissues and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

The honey is friend of the your heart

The micronutrients in honey have positive benefits on blood viscosity and arterial function. The more easily your blood flows, the less likely you are to have high blood pressure and blood clots.

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Honey, natural antibiotic

A teaspoon every morning on bread or to sweeten milk or tea helps to disinfect the upper respiratory tract and prevent cough, cold and sore throat