Honey Lemon

Il miele di fiori di limone italiano

Color and appearance
White, candid, crystallized.

Aroma and taste
Full aroma, aromatic and characteristic taste, fresh.

Southern Italy and Sicily.

It is a rare honey.

Employments in feeding
It is an excellent table honey, used to accompany crepes, yogurt, sesame bread and to sweeten all kinds of lemon tea, cocktails and sorbets. They make delicious candies. To be tried together with cheeses such as pecorino (also Sardinian), caciotta, parmesan.

Especially suitable for children and for women, lemon honey is good for all ages and also for men. The true wealth contained in this food is
vitamin C of which lemon honey abounds.
Vitamin C is a fundamental element in the formation of bones and teeth, in which in particular the protection of the enamel and the pulp. It also has an important effect
regenerative collagen, which is why its needs increase with age. We can therefore say that in children the availability of vitamin C in the body is
essential for the formation of the bone structure as well as in adults and the elderly it is for the maintenance of tissues and for the proper absorption of minerals in the body.

These are the reasons that make lemon honey a perfect food with which to have breakfast combined perhaps with wholemeal rusks in order to make even
carbohydrates and fibers with simple sugars and compounds of which honey is formed.
Not everyone knows that while cane sugar is composed of compound sugars that need to intervene the digestive enzymes present in the stomach to be processed
in energy, honey consists of 68% of simple sugars, which are immediately absorbed. Honey is therefore a real “energy boost” that can make us start
day on the right foot. But the consumption of lemon honey in particular will add to that initial energy the benefits of vitamin C that our body needs,
added to a 10% of compound sugars that will continue to give us energy until the moment of snack where, if we want, we can again combine lemon honey as drinks
sweetener, replacing the sugar completely.

Last but not least, remember, also considering the winter season and its typical evils, that vitamin C is prescribed by doctors to treat flu and cooling symptoms: a
constant and daily use of lemon honey will be excellent as prevention and strengthening of the immune system to keep the degree of defense high. We finish by saying that honey
lemon, with a characteristic ivory color, sees the heart of its production in Sicily, a land rich in lemon groves, and is characterized by an intense flavor and a strong aroma that reminds
immediately the lemon blossom.