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Terra di Toscana is a project that was born to export Tuscan excellence to a growing country, such as Great Britain.
Terra di Toscana is located in Bedford, a town with about ninety thousand inhabitants, forty minutes from London, one of the most important European capitals, which is at the forefront in finance and in the experimentation of flavors from all over the world.
In this country you may find many cultures that get married with as many gastronomic traditions. In recent years, even in Great Britain special attention has been paid to cooked meals, an aspect which in other words is synonymous with: “the British are beginning to cook” with particular interest and regard towards quality and what is called Made in Italy.
In this context, Terra di Toscana wishes to show up with top quality Tuscan products from Tuscany, a land so much loved by the British, to tease the palates of the English people with the renowned products that our region offers, such as wine, sauces, oil , honey, small sausages, bruschetta, cheeses and more …
Italian wine is now a consolidated reality all over the world, thanks also to Tuscan wines, especially to the excellence produced in areas such as Chianti. Terra di Toscana is a new challenge, whose one of the aims is to select local wines that are probably less notorious, but that have got nothing to envy in terms of quality and appreciation.

Right in the period we are experiencing with Brexit, England will see the repositioning of many players in the industry, and Terra di Toscana fits in this uncertainty to acquire a market share by offering new products that combine quality with price. And giving a new Tuscan product identity throughout the Anglo-Saxon perimeter.
These latest decades, Tuscany is experiencing great popularity in Britain thanks to our hills and good food; This is a great opportunity not to be missed: to sell a dream and to bring to the English the flavours, the tastes and all the goodness of our wonderful land, of our unmistakable Terra di Toscana.



Today we managed to replicate an old recipe from my Sicilian grandmother, a recipe that we found in an old trunk. We followed the 3 recipes: one for the bravest, super spicy, we nicknamed it “La Bomba”; the other always spicy more delicate nicknamed “La golosa” and finally the “Signora”, so called by my grandmother, …


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